I've held various different job titles throughout my career, such as news reporter, writer, speaker and gender-equality expert, but at the core of them all is story-telling. Sometimes I tell stories through books, articles, films or plays that have taken me to places I couldn't even fathom, resulting in various honours and awards. Other times, my story-telling manifests itself in journalism, public speaking and advocacy that earned me the title Woman of the Year 2015 in my native Iceland. I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden. My latest book, South of Forgiveness, co-written with Tom Stranger, and its accompanying TED talk garnered the below responses from critics:

Sunday Times:

Hats off to Elva and Stranger for a brave journey that might well change lives.


Irish Times:

...a book you'll find yourself endlessly discussing with very many people. 


Svenska Dagbladet:

...a book written with great empathy and the authors' courage is remarkable.

The Good Men Project:

Remarkable.... can empower even the most vulnerable, near and far.

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