Thordis Elva has held various different job titles throughout her career, such as news reporter, author and artist, but at the core of them all is social change. Her books, articles, films and plays have won various awards and honours. That, combined with her public speaking and equal rights activism, earned her the title Woman of the Year 2015 in her native Iceland. Two years later, Thordis was instrumental in leading the #metoo revolution and accepted the Person of the Year award on behalf of the movement.

After years of advocating for gender equality, she realised how new technology is being utilised to abuse women and girls not only offline, but online too. In 2020, she founded the Nordic Digital Rights and Equality Foundation along with other Nordic experts in the field. She has spoken about the role of digital media in furthering gender equality at the UN and the Nordic Council of ministers, and delivered the keynote speech at two of Europe's largest conferences on internet safety in 2019 (the Safer Internet Forum and the Click Off Cyber Violence conference) to name a few. 

Thordis Elva has also built on her personal experience in her work, sharing her own story of sexual assault in a TED talk that has been viewed 6 million times. She is the first survivor of assault to publicly collaborate with her perpetrator with the hope that sharing their story will help prevent abuse in other relationships.  Their book, South of Forgiveness, has been published across four continents (click the below flags). Critics have said:

Sunday Times:

Hats off to Elva and Stranger for a brave journey that might well change lives.


Irish Times:

...a book you'll find yourself endlessly discussing with very many people. 

Svenska Dagbladet:

...a book written with great empathy and the authors' courage is remarkable.

The Good Men Project:

Remarkable.... can empower even the most vulnerable, near and far.

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