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(a shortlist)

  • 2023, January: Speaker in the Hidden Gems Behind Despair lecture series at SciencesPo University, marking the launch of the Black Elephant social network, Paris, France.

  • 2022, October: Gender Equality Forum, speaker in the Countering Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls session, hosted by EIGE, the European Institute for Gender Equality, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 2022, May: NoWoman Alone, keynote speaker at the Reykjavík Feminist Film Festival, Iceland.

  • 2022, April: High-level launch of the Council of Europe's Strategy of the Rights of the Child, expert speaker on comprehensive sexuality education as violence-prevention, hosted by the Council of Europe, Rome, Italy.

  • 2022, January: Host and moderator of Nordic Talks: When Gender-Equality Meets Sexual Privacy in a Digital World. Organised by the Nordic Digital Rights and Equality Foundation, Reykjavík, Iceland.

  • 2021, November: High-level EU Webinar: Building Safe Digital Spaces for Women and Girls, keynote speaker, hosted by the Slovenian presidency of the EU.

  • 2021, June: The Angry Internet: Knowledge and Tools for Professionalsclosing speaker, hosted by the Danish government, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • 2021, June: Nordic Conference on Gender-based Hate, Threat and Harassment on the Internet, specialist commentator. Hosted by the Finnish government. 

  • 2021, March: Addressed the Nordic Council's committee on social welfare, about the online abuse of politicians and journalists in the region.

  • 2019, December: Headlined the From Violence to Healing event staged by the Nordic Council in Helsinki, Finland. 

  • 2019, November: Click Off Cyber Violence, keynote address, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

  • 2019, November: Safer Internet Forum, keynote address, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 2019, May: Project CyberVAW. Organised the Online While Female workshops for policy makers and media professionals about the disproportionate risks women and girls face on the internet, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

  • 2019, April: Expert panel at the launch of Out of the Shadows Index, European parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

  • 2019, February: Folk och kultur convention. Panelist in the Effects of Metoo in Nordic Culture discussion and a South of Forgiveness interview on the main stage, Eskilstuna, Sweden. 

  • 2017, December: World Childhood Foundation annual Christmas gathering with her majesty the Queen, keynote address, Stockholm, Sweden. 

  • 2017, October: Open Society's conference Let's Give (Wo)men A Chance. Moderator in the Engaging men and boys in furthering gender equality discussion with professor Michael Kimmel, as well as panel debates. 

  • 2017, June: Countering Hate: Expert speaker at the Nordic Conference on Hate Speech in Stavanger, Norway.

  • 2017, August: 109 World retreat. Organised the Vulnerable, Present and Fully Feeling workshop, Öland, Sweden. 

  • 2017, September: Nordiska kvinnor mot våld, closing speech. Reykjavík, Iceland.

  • 2017, March: All About Women conference, keynote address, Sydney, Australia.

  • 2016, October: TED conference It's About Time. Gave the TED talk Our Story of Rape and Reconciliation, San Francisco, USA. 

  • 2016, September: Ungdomens Folkemöte. Gave the lecture Permanently Naked, Truths and Bullshit about Non-Consensual Pornography on behalf of the Nordic council of ministers, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

  • 2016, July: Partook in the SKAM! expert panel on behalf of the World Childhood Foundation, Almedalen, Sweden. 

  • 2016, March: Commission on the Status of Women (CSW60). Partook in the Fighting sexism and hate speech online: A nordic panel of experts, as well as Gender-based violence: Awareness-raising among youth and the role of digital media. UN headquarters, New York, USA.

  • 2015, October: 100 Years of Civil Rights Conference. Closing speech. Reykjavik, Iceland.

  • 2015, October: Panelist in the Nordic Council of ministers seminar about hate speech and sexism, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

  • 2015, September: Storstadens hjärta och smärta. Organised the workshop Permanently naked: What you need to know about sexting and "revenge porn". Malmö, Sweden. 

  • 2015, September: Nordiska kvinnor mot våld. Organised the workshop Permanently naked: What you need to know about sexting and "revenge porn". Arlanda, Sweden.

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