I recently released my book 'South of Forgiveness', which came out in six countries during March/April 2017. It's a non-fiction narrative that tells the story of how I was raped at the age of 16 by my first boyfriend, Tom Stranger, who co-authors the book with me. I confronted him about the abuse he subjected me to almost a decade later, and he responded by confessing to his deed. We corresponded for eight years about how it had shaped our lives – before deciding to meet up half way across the world, in South Africa, to face our past once and for all. South of Forgiveness was published in Australia, Iceland, Britain, Sweden and Germany in the spring of 2017. Publishing contracts have also been made with Japan, Poland, South Korea, Denmark, France and more countries. (For more about SoF, click the above link.)

My book 'The Plain Truth' (Á mannamáli), written in the style of literary journalism about gender-based violence in Iceland, was one of the most critically acclaimed books published in Iceland 2009, receiving a nomination to the Icelandic Literature Prize, amongst other awards.


Playwriting: Nine of my plays have been professionally staged in Iceland's most prominent theatres. I was nominated to the Icelandic Theatre Prize as Playwright of the Year 2006. I’ve also represented Iceland in conferences for the world’s best young playwrights (World Interplay, 2005 and Interplay Europe 2008).


Screenwriting: I was commissioned by the Icelandic government to reinvent the approach to violence prevention and sex education for children and teenagers. It resulted in the award-winning short-films 'Get Consent' and 'Stand By Yourself', both of which aired on RÚV television station (the NBS of Iceland) and are being used in schools across Iceland with unprecedented results. In other screenwriting, I’ve written television series and web-based programs for television stations RÚV, Sirkus and others.



In October, 2016, I gave a TED talk with Tom Stranger, my co-author of South of Forgiveness. It was viewed over a million times in three days and the response was humbling. We also did a Q&A  where we answer questions about our story, the crafting of our talk and why we're not prescribing our actions as a path for others to follow. 


A total of 17,000 people in four countries attended my lecture tour about non-consensual pornography in 2015 alone. In 2010-2013, I undertook three nationwide lecture tours where I visited hundreds of schools, workplaces and organizations, speaking about issues such as gender equality, women’s rights, violence prevention, sex education, etc. I give seminars, workshops and speeches to large and small audiences in Icelandic, Swedish and English. I've spoken at various international conventions, such as Nordic Forum (June 2014), the NKMV conference (September 2015) and at the United Nation's CSW60 (March 2016).


I am currently a columnist at Stundin, a web-based news outlet that releases a printed edition to subscribers monthly. 


I was a news reporter for RÚV (the National Broadcasting Service of Iceland) 2011-2012 and worked equally as a television and radio reporter.


I was literary manager for the National Radio Theatre, 2007. Marketing and public relations were part of my duties.


I worked for the magazine Reykjavík Grapevine 2005-2007, writing columns, reviews and features.


University of Iceland

Graduated with a Master's Degree in Editing and Publishing



University of Georgia


Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Dramatic Performance



In 2011, I founded an equality campaign (called Öðlingurinn) instigating a collaboration with the largest media company in Iceland, (365 media) to publish over thirty articles – one per day in the country’s most widely distributed newspaper and news site – about gender equality by an equal number of different authors, including some of Iceland’s most respected writers. I managed and edited the campaign, which was a critical success and sparked a national debate about gender equality. The articles were read over two hundred thousand times online and were consequently published in a book under my supervision.


Having run my own production company for a few years, I have diverse experience with project management such as staging plays, running an independent theatre group, publishing books and marketing miscellaneous artistic events and products.





2008: Selection committee for the Icelandic Theatre Prize.

2008: I founded Brynjurnar, a professional association of Icelandic actresses who studied abroad. I served on the association’s first Board.

2010: I was elected to the Board of the Women’s Shelter in Reykjavík.

2010: I was in charge of all artistic and cultural events on behalf of Skotturnar, the executive body formed by all major women movements and organizations in Iceland.

2010: I was elected to the board of Hlaðvarpinn Cultural Fund.

2010: The Minister of Social Affairs appointed me to a committee overseeing the Government’s National Action Plan against gender-based Violence.

2012: I was elected Chairman of the Women’s Shelter in Reykjavík, a position I held until 2014.



Acting: As a professional actress, I’ve acted in stage plays, musicals, radio plays, short films and television series, including the Emmy-award winning series Örnen/The Eagle (CIA agent Hale).


I’ve directed and assistant directed plays in the National Radio Theatre of Iceland, the City Theatre of Reykjavík and elsewhere. I was literary manager for the National Radio Theatre, 2007 and represented Iceland in the Nordic Drama Forum, 2008.





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