My book 'South of Forgiveness' is a non-fiction narrative that tells the story of how I was raped at the age of 16 by my first boyfriend, Tom Stranger, whom I confronted about it almost a decade later. He confessed to his deed and we corresponded for eight years about the violence and how it had shaped our lives – before deciding to meet up half way across the world, in South Africa, to face our past once and for all. South of Forgiveness was published in Australia, Iceland, Britain, Sweden and Germany in the spring of 2017. Publishing contracts have also been made with Japan, Poland, South Korea, Denmark, France and more countries. (For more about SoF, click the above link.)
         In 2009, I wrote 'The Plain Truth' (Á mannamáli), which is a seminal work of literary journalism, delving into sexual violence and its status within in the criminal justice system, the public discourse and the political landscape. 'The Plain Truth' was one of the most awarded books of the year and was nominated to the Icelandic Literature Prize.

My TED talk about the story that 'South of Forgiveness' is based on was released on Feb 7, 2017, and garnered over a million views in 3 days. It was written about in newspapers and publications across the world, including Cosmopolitan

        In 2015, I toured with my workshop 'Permanently Naked', designed to raise awareness about sexting and non-consensual pornography (also known as 'revenge porn'), for children and adults alike. Sponsored by Vodafone, the tour took me to elementary schools, professional associations, international conferences, even prison facilities. In total, over 17,000 people attended my lectures in 2015 alone.



I was commissioned by the Icelandic government to reinvent the approach to violence prevention and sex education in elementary schools, resulting in the short-films 'Get Consent' and 'Stand By Yourself', both of which aired on national television and are being used in schools across Iceland with unprecedented results. 'Get Consent' has won local and international awards (see Awards page) and was warmly received in screenings at the UN and the European Commission. 'Stand by Yourself' was nominated to the EDDA Film and Television Awards, as Best Children's Material 2014. 

As a specialist on violence against women and girls, I've partaken in shaping national policy on gender-based violence, serving on the government pointed committee that crafted Iceland's current action plan. As of spring 2016, I'm contributing to the making of procedure policy regarding violence against children in Reykjavík municipality. I've served on expert panels for the Nordic Council of Ministers (2015/2016) and for the Icelandic government. Click here to watch my expert panel on gender-based hate speech and online harassment in the UN headquarters in March 2016, or watch my closing statement about ways to further gender equality.



FORGIVENESS INC| (Fyrirgefðu ehf)


'Forgiveness Inc' (Fyrirgefðu ehf) is my latest of nine plays that have been professionally produced. It opened in February 2014 and ran for two months in the Tjarnarbio Theater in Reykjavik. I wrote the play, produced and directed it. The mayor of Reykjavik parttook in a clever promotional stunt for the play, as well as MPs, pop stars, writers and other celebrities. Forgiveness Inc was a critical success, dubbed a "must-see". It is currently being translated to other languages.





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