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"Not Her Outfit": In response to Daily Mail

There are only so many bullshit theories a girl can take.

Like this slut-shaming galore, brought to you by the Daily Mail.

Seriously, Daily Mail? You're blaming the deaths of 22 innocent people on fucking stilettos and hotpants?

There are only so many bullshit theories a girl can take before she bursts into poetry. Click the below link to watch it, or read the text below.

Oh and screw you, Daily Mail.

To all my girls who've boarded a bus and hoped that today you won't get groped, to all my girls who've been blamed and shamed because a lock of hair escaped your veil, to all my girls who've heard that you deserved to be hurt due to the length of your skirt and dragged through the dirt in court and to all my girls who didn't even make it to court because you believed that the fault was yours, that an act of violence should be met with silence because the Daily mails of this world deem your outfit to be revealing as they sip on their Darjeeling imported from a nation where women yelled my dress isn't an invitation as yet another of their sisters died from being raped, in a world that's shaped by those who conquer and divide, where a man's wounded pride can cost a woman's life, where people blame clothes for violent acts without checking the fact that a majority of convicted rapists don't remember what their victim was wearing. Let alone if it was daring.

So to all my girls whose only crime is your inner fire, sparking desire among those who think they can colonise your body and blame your dress, in this mess, you know what's truly revealing? The slut shaming and victim-blaming in this shit that they choose to call news.

Twenty two people whose blood was spilled and you know what didn't get them killed?

Stilettos, shirts, stockings, skirts.

What killed them was a man with a bomb.

So instead of teaching girls to fear what's in their closet, teach the world the true causes of violence: The people who commit it.

Not an outfit.

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